You only have one chance to make a good first impression with your investment property. As potential tenants scroll through their favourite real estate sites, your property needs to stand out and get people clicking to view more details. Professional photos are one of the easiest ways to draw great tenants to your property. Keep reading for an overview of why professional photos are worth the investment.

You rent your property faster

The idea of your online property listing is not only to get people clicking through from the search results page but for them to inspect the property and apply. It’s estimated that properties with professional photos rent 70% faster than properties that don’t have professional photos. With professional photos, you can turn a week of vacancy into the week a tenant looks at the property and moves in, making the investment well worth it.

Professional photos get the lighting right

The fastest way to get a potential tenant scrolling past your property is with badly lit photos. Simply using a mobile phone or getting a property manager to use a camera means you don’t get access to the expertise of a photographer who can use lighting and composition to make your property look attractive. Further, with a wide-angle lens, you can capture more of your property, so tenants know if their furniture and appliances will fit at a glance.

You attract higher quality tenants

A high-quality tenant is discerning about their potential next home. Professional photos and well-written copy for your property listing will ensure you get interest from great tenants who will look after your property and pay their rent on time. And if you get multiple applications, your property manager can be selective about who they recommend to be your tenant.

Professional photos are a tax deduction, plus they’re reusable

As an expense related to managing your investment property, professional photos are a tax deduction. And even better, you can reuse your photos when it comes time to lease the property again or even sell.

While they might be an investment, professional photos will help you lease your property faster, attract quality tenants, and give you great marketing collateral to re-lease or sell your investment property in the future. If you’re considering professional photos for your property, happy to have a chat about your options.  

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