Did you know the number one reason a Landlord leaves an agency is due to poor communication? It seems such a simple thing, but rarely is it executed properly, in property management. This is a sad situation given they are dealing with one of their clients biggest assets.

Communication and customer service go hand in hand, if you aren’t communicating with your landlord, you certainly aren’t providing good customer service either. A lot of property management companies deliver a lot of the same day to day tasks and are governed by the same laws and regulations, but the one area an agency can really stand out in the crowd is Customer Service.

There are a lot of other reasons landlord’s aren’t happy including increased fees, constant staff turn-over and one off or multiple incidents that are handled poorly.

There is a lot of competition in the property management arena and there’s no need for landlord’s to put up with a bad property manager or property management company/real estate.

Changing agents is actually very easy.

In FOUR Simple steps you can change agents:

  1. Contact me directly Kim 0408 400 904 anytime.
  2. Have a chat so we can ensure we are both on the same page with the management of your property.
  3. Sign a Management Agency Agreement with my Agency.
  4. I will prepare written advice to your current agency for you to sign, to advise that you are changing agents. I will send this on your behalf and deal directly with them.

That is all you need to do. The rest I will take care of.

Things to consider when thinking about a change

A successful modern property management business should be focused on communication and customer service, competitive on fees, but not necessarily the cheapest, utilise good technology and have an experienced team in place.

Like anything, you get what you pay for. Sometimes the cheapest isn’t necessarily the best and generally when a property management company is budgeted on price they are usually budgeted in other areas as well.

Whether that’s communication and customer service, or an inexperienced staff member managing properties. Generally the more you pay in management fees the more work that is being done, to ensure a better return on your investment. A quality property manager will work hard to secure better tenants, achieve maximum rent and ensure you don’t need to stress about what is happening with your investment property.

Common Questions and Concerns Landlords have with regards to changing agents :

The new Agency won’t know the property/tenant history?

I will collect all the relevant documentation including Tenant’s application forms, Tenancy Agreement, Entry Condition Reports and photos, compliance certificates for smoke alarms and water, maintenance etc. I will also have a copy of the tenants full ledger, so I will be able to determine their rental history.

I will notify the tenant/s of the change introducing myself. I will make a time to meet up with them and do an inspection on the property and advise where to direct the rent moving forward.  

Will my rent still be paid on time?

Your rent from your old agency will be collected and paid up the handover date. Rent will then be collected by myself as your new agent and disbursed as per your instructions.

I don’t have time to change?

As mentioned the execution is just 4 simple steps. So other than the initial contact call, nothing else needs to be done on your end as a landlord

Remember, if you aren’t happy with your current property manager, change is easy once you decide to do it. Just like changing banks, you aren’t locked into a lifelong contract.

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